Informatization and high technology: a winning choice

Our company has always been dedicated to innovation: it is almost 25 years since we decided to change our design method by switching to 3D design which not only allowed us to develop projects in a faster and easier way, but to offer better services to customers. 3D design has been supported, from the very beginning, by a PLM software for the management of our product data. The amount of data collected, and the interactions between them, allowed us, through a new partner, to transfer the fruit of data collection to our customers.


Therefore, we would like to share this innovation with all our customers, who will be soon authorised to use this platform.

This brand new platform will enable customers to view their own machines and corresponding components, to directly select a specific component in 3D view and to add it to the cart to place the order.

In addition to this, customers will find data sheets, manuals, certifications and instructions for preventive and corrective maintenance, which will no more be offered in writing but displayed with 3D animation for quick and easy use. Consultation through images, and with the possibility of search, will be extremely user-friendly.