A complete line of machines to carry out, automatically and efficiently, the various chicken processing phases that lead to the sale of the product. Each phase is carefully studied to guarantee excellent results and high productivity.


Verderio ventor is designed to accurately process birds, even in case of flock variance. It reduces the risk of contamination to zero and is highly reliable, accurate, easy-to-sanitize, safe and fast.

Abdomen opener

This machine is installed next to the ventor: the hole drilled by the ventor is widened to allow evisceration. This operation is automatic, fast and accurate.


Verderio automatic eviscerator can process various species. It is completely autonomous, efficient and facilitates the necessary veterinary inspection. We highly recommend it as a major resource for an automated line.


Verderio cropper can be installed in any evisceration line and its multiple versions allow to reach high production capacities. It is reliable, sturdy, easy-to-use, to sanitize and to service.

Neck cracker

Verderio neck cracker is driven by the overhead conveyor and equipped with working units which break necks at the desired point regardless of flock variances.

Final inspection machine

Verderio final inspection machine is designed to meet the increasingly higher quality standards of the final product. Through suction, it removes the residues left after evisceration. It complies with the strictest sanitary regulations.

Inside/outside washer

Verderio offers a series of bird inside/outside washers fit for any production capacity. These machines are efficient, accurate and never damage birds.

Viscera sucking machine

Verderio viscera sucking machine is designed to suck viscera of birds sold as "whole chicken" with liver and gizzard, but it proved to be extremely effective for plants processing also or only hens (both big and small) offering an important series of advantages.

Automatic rehanging machine

An effective and automatic solution to transfer birds from the evisceration line to the cooling line. It is an ideal solution for highly automated plants.

Rehanging machine with weighing system

This machine effectively and automatically transfers birds from the evisceration line to the cooling line. During this phase birds are individually weighed to be subsequently unloaded, after the cooling line, by the unloading stations based on their weight.