Live handling

A complete series of proposals to fit any company reality and any specific need, from manual lines to relieve operators working in the live handling area to wholly automated lines fit for higher production capacities and more technological plants.

Crate washer

Today health safety is crucial for processing plants and it is closely connected with crates for animal live handling too.

Therefore, we design and manufacture a series of machines to wash any type of crate for animal live handling and for any production capacity

Manual line

Our manual line for live handling is designed to provide slight support to operators working in the live handling area and it mainly consists of a stainless-steel roller conveyor with rollers made of synthetic material and of a high-pressure cleaner.

Semi-automatic line

This solution, being a semi-automatic system, is ideal for small production capacity plants. This kind of line requires the use of plastics crates stacked on top of each other. The line works both with or without metal pallet.

Depalletizing and palletizing line

This line wholly automatically destacks and stacks back again crates: it is a clear advantage in terms of both productivity and operators' comfort. At the end of operations, crates are ready to be reused.

Line with container system

This is an extremely compact system but, at the same time, it offers the flexibility required to fit to the highest production capacities. The line is completely automatic and customized.

Line with container system for crates

Verderio container system for transport is designed and manufactured to allow a stress-free loading and transport of animals thus optimizing animal welfare and final product quality. This container system can fit to various types of plastics crates.