All-in-one 500-uph processing plant

Compact plants designed for small businesses in emerging markets and allowing to achieve crucial goals: deliver high-quality products and ensure excellent hygienic conditions. The best Verderio technology made compact. All-in-one 500-uph processing plant.


The all-in-one 500-uph processing plant guarantees an excellent final product. Our engineers developed this plant based on the same field-tested technology used for larger plants for years thus ensuring efficiency and solidity.


Installation is easy, fast and building work-free thus allowing immediate commissioning once the plant has been positioned and connected to power and water supply. They are accessible on each side to guarantee easy cleaning.


Range standard equipment includes: electronic stunning system, blood trough, forelegs cutter, skinning machine, viscera trough, hind legs cutter, rabbit belt conveyor, shackle washer and plant general control board.


  • New module structure for up to 500 uph in compliance with hygiene and health standards
  • Module including supporting structure, adjustable-speed overhead conveyor, blood trough, viscera trough, hind legs cutter, stainless steel electric control board prepared for optional items and wiring
  • Optional items that can be included in the basic module: crate roller conveyor, stunner, electronic control board for stunning, forelegs cutter, skinning machine, by-products suction and storage system, neck cutting gun, belt conveyor, shackle washer with brushes, knives set
  • Installation does not need civil works
  • Can be completely disassembled to be installed virtually anywhere
  • Low running costs
  • Stainless steel and synthetic material