We offer a complete series of machines designed to carry out automatic skinning. These machines are effective, efficient and flexible. Each machine guarantees the highest efficiency even in case of flock variances.

Above-shackle hind legs cutter

This machine represents the ideal solution for processing plants needing to cut hind legs above the knee.

It is designed to work on a 90° corner and precisely cuts both hind legs.

Pneumatic forelegs cutter

This machine fits for small-medium processing plants and can process up to 1600 rabbits/hour.

Its self-adjusting system allows to cut forelegs even in case of flock variance.

Forelegs cutter

This machine fits for high production capacities plants of up to 3500 rabbits/hour.

It is provided with several working units which properly position both forelegs for a homogeneous cut.

Leg skin puller

This machine works in combination with the leg skinner and allows to remove a strip of skin from the front of rabbit hind legs.

Leg skinner

This machine consists of two separate bodies enclosed in the same frame. Each machine body skins one of the two rabbit hind legs.

Skinning is excellently carried out and no damage is caused to the meat or the skin itself.

Hock unloader

This machine unshackles one of the two rabbit hocks to facilitate the job of operators cutting rabbit skin.

Therefore, this machine allows to speed up operators' work and lighten their workload.

Skinning machine

This machine automatically skins rabbits. Operators prepare rabbits first by cutting their skin, thus allowing the machine to work automatically.

Lower skinning machine

This machine, combined with the previous skinning machine, carries out complete skinning in case of bigger rabbits such as breeding rabbits.

Therefore, the skinning phase is completely automatic regardless of rabbit size.