Leg skin puller

This machine works in combination with the leg skinner and allows to remove a strip of skin from the front of rabbit hind legs.


We developed this machine, which works combined with the leg skinner, to the aim of automating an extremely delicate phase of rabbit skinning. This machine removes a strip of skin from the front of rabbit hind legs.

The following phase of skinning greatly benefits from the use of this machine because skins suffer no damage which is crucial given their economic value.


  • This new leg skin puller consists of two separate machines which first cut the skin below the shackle (on the abdomen side) and then skin the legs
  • Enhanced functionality and reliability thanks to new pincers mounted on both machines
  • No skin damage and no muscle tear
  • High safety standard and excellent accessibility for washing and corrective maintenance operations
  • Movable guards equipped with safety sensors
  • Pull rope emergency stop switches placed within guards and along the unguarded perimeter
  • Overhead conveyor driven
  • Mechanical vertical adjustment
  • Torque arm
  • High production capacity
  • Low running costs
  • Stainless steel and synthetic material