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Section dedicated to curiosities related to our company. Not only news strictly concerning cutting-edge technology for meat processing, but also Verderio active participation to exhibitions and events to increasingly consolidate our reputation worldwide.

May 2023, Aïn Témouchent - Algeria

Installation of an all-in-one compact plant at Sarl Agriwest Algerie

Verderio staff has just completed the scheduled installation of the equipment at the Algerian slaughtering plant Sarl Agriwest Algerie in Aïn Témouchent.



Our company has been designing its machines with 3D technology for almost 25 years now.

Consequently, we decided to offer our customers a new portal providing 3D display of all our machines and plant components so as to facilitate spare part order placing.


Rivolta d'Adda - Italy

Modernization of the Avisco srl processing plant in Italy

Verderio staff installed the new live handling line and the waterbath stunner at the Italian poultry processing plant Avisco srl in Rivolta d'Adda.


February 2021, Gostyń - Poland

Modernisation of the production site Firma Borowczyk S.C. in Poland

In spite of the difficulties arising from the Covid19 pandemics, Verderio staff completed the installation of the equipment at the Polish rabbit slaughtering plant Firma Borowczyk, S.C. in Gostyń.


January 2021, Baja - Hungary

Upgrade of the production site Tetrabbit Kft. in Hungary

Covid19 hit and is still hitting hard, but that did not stop Verderio staff who, dispite the tough times we are experiencing, completed the equipment installation at the Hungarian rabbit slaughtering plant Tetrabbit Kft. in Baja.



May 20-23, 2024 - ALGIERS - ALGERIA - Palais des Expositions SAFEX - Booth 49 - Zone C - Central Hall

International Exhibition for Agriculture, Livestock and Agribusiness

SIPSA FILAHA opens the door to Maghreb and Africa to agro-equipment and agro-industry.

SIPSA FILAHA is the largest trade show dedicated to livestock and agricultural equipment in Africa.

SIPSA-FILAHA will present a complete offer to meet all sectors, the latest innovations and a set of forums and conferences.