All-in-one 500-bph processing plant

Top quality products and excellent hygienic conditions. Compact plants are designed to benefit from Verderio technology even in case of small businesses in emerging markets. The best Verderio technology made compact. All-in-one 500-bph processing plant.


The all-in-one 500-bph processing plant guarantees an excellent final product. Our engineers developed this plant based on the same field-tested technology used for larger plants for years thus ensuring efficiency and solidity.


Installation is easy, fast and building work-free thus allowing immediate commissioning once the plant has been positioned and connected to power and water supply. They are accessible on each side to guarantee easy cleaning


Range standard equipment includes: blood trough, scalder, plucker, viscera trough and plant general control board. Furthermore, it is possible to complete the plant by adding the following optional items: stunner, killer, vent gun, semi-automatic evisceration station, lung gun, head puller, hock cutter, belt conveyor, hock unloader.


  • Up to 500 bph
  • Extremely-small surface area needed for installation
  • Installation max time 48 hours
  • Guarantees same quality as standard lines
  • Easy to use, adjust and service