Stunning, killing, scalding and plucking

Quail stunning and killing are crucial phases as to meat quality and animal welfare. This is the reason why we offer precise, efficient, easy-clean solutions which, last but not least, comply with the strictest regulations. Furthermore, we offer a complete series of machines designed to automate scalding and plucking operations. These machines are precise, efficient and easy-clean. Each working station is studied in detail to solve commonly experienced problems.

Control board for stunning

A system that completely complies with Regulation EC no.1099/2009: complete, easy-to-use, extremely flexible and open to continuous improvement and future development. Data recovery, by operators, is easy and fast too.


A system that completely complies with Regulation EC no.1099/2009: highly-efficient and provided with safety and control systems to guarantee effective and risk-free stunning operations.


The bird final quality starts with this first phase as wrong bleeding has a detrimental effect on animal welfare and meat quality. Verderio killer is provided with two stainless steel tracks guiding necks until carotid arteries have been cut.

Blood trough

After killing, it is necessary to collect blood during the bleeding phase.

The stainless steel trough runs beneath quails to collect their blood which is then pumped outside the room.


An excellent plucking phase depends on proper scalding, which basically means correctly balancing stay time in the water and water temperature to the aim of facilitating operations and guarantee an excellent final product.

Contromatic picker

This picker can remove around 85% of feathers. Effectiveness combined with gentleness: the skin is not damaged and the meat quality is guaranteed. Its use also allows to lower the scalding temperature.

Discomatic picker with 4 banks

Verderio Discomatic picker is installed next to the Contromatic picker to the aim of completing plucking as gently as possible. It is used to remove feathers left in the most critical areas, such as wings and tail.

Head puller

Verderio in-line head puller is effective, operator-friendly, flexible and guarantees the final product top quality because it never damages birds. It is efficient and easy-to-clean: an essential element for any automated line.

Hock cutter

Verderio hock cutter is accurate and efficient. It is designed to automatically and properly position birds whose hocks are then easily and rapidly cut. Each element is carefully studied for the maximum of productivity and the best comfort.

Hock unloader

Verderio hock unloader removes hocks still hanging on the shackles after hock cutting. This operation is completely automatic and no operator is required.

Shackle washer

Two versions are available: traditional wash and ultrasonic wash. Our shackle washers perfectly clean any kind of shackle and even extensively used shackles. Their main characteristics are: high productivity, low water requirement and deep cleaning.