A series of machines to automate some of the operations which have to be carried to eviscerate rabbits. Each phase is studied in detail to guarantee excellent results and high productivity.

Rabbit shower

This machine, located before the evisceration phase, rinses the whole rabbit surface by means of a water spray.

Abdomen opener

This machine automatically opens rabbit abdomens and ensures uniform cuts even in case of flock variances. Furthermore, the rabbit positioning system guarantees that both viscera and bladder are not damaged.

Hind legs cutter

This machine allows to carry out a uniform and extremely precise cut of hind legs.

Furthermore, this machine is provided with a simple and efficient hock unshackling system which conveys them to a specific trough.

Low-contact belt conveyor

This new belt conveyor is designed to reduce as much as possible the contact surfaces between the belt and the products to be conveyed thus preventing products from getting soiled.

The belt conveyor is manufactured in different sizes and is specifically indicated for slaughtered meat.

Shackle washer

Two versions are available: traditional wash and ultrasonic wash. Our shackle washers perfectly clean any kind of shackle and even extensively used shackles. Their main characteristics are: high productivity, low water requirement and deep cleaning.