All-in-one 200-bph processing plant

Small businesses in emerging markets can benefit from Verderio technology thanks to this small size plant: it is provided with all necessary equipment for an excellent final product. All-in-one 200-bph processing plant.


200-bph compact plants designed for small businesses in emerging markets and allowing to achieve crucial goals: deliver high-quality products and ensure excellent hygienic conditions. 


Our 200-bph compact plant is equipped with the required equipment to guarantee correct processing of birds and consists of two separate zones (dirty and clean zones) in compliance with current hygienic-sanitary regulations. Furthermore, it is made of stainless steel and food-grade plastic material.


Our compact plant is space-saving and can be installed practically anywhere. The "dirty" zone includes bleeding, scalding and plucking, whereas the "clean" zone includes evisceration and finishing.


  • Up to 200 bph
  • Only 3 operators to process the whole production capacity
  • Immediate commissioning after 1-day installation
  • Wholly stainless steel and plastics
  • Minimum maintenance operations
  • Accurate designing for easy and fast cleaning