Performing and complete plants

Verderio plants can cover the whole processing cycle of rabbits, poussins, quails and chickens. Complete plants ensuring top performances, easy use, maintenance and cleaning. Thanks to the experience we gained over the years, side by side with our customers, we developed plants meeting production requirements and complying with provisions.

Complete plants for rabbit processing

Verderio exclusive technology and leadership

Our plants guarantee outstanding high performances at a capacity of up to 3500 heads/hour and meet all requirements from live animal transport to meat cooling, cut-up and even slaughtering by-product storage. We can proudly claim to be leaders in the sector of rabbit processing thanks to the completeness and efficiency of the solutions we offer to automate the heaviest tasks, replace human operators and ensure effective operators’ protection.


Complete plants for quail processing

Verderio world exclusive technology: efficiency and research

As of today, Verderio is the only company in the world that can offer wholly automatic plants for quail processing even up to 12000 bph. It is the result of 30 years of research on innovation, sustainability and efficiency.Therefore, plants for high capacities ensuring production stability: our quail-dedicated processing solutions are really able to make a difference in terms of company productivity also thanks to their easy clean and maintenance.

Complete plants for poussin processing

Processing made easy and efficient

Our poussin-dedicated processing plants can reach up to 6000 bph and truly are a great opportunity for all companies wishing to invest on efficiency and on the optimization of processing as a whole. Our plants can replace human operators in the heaviest tasks and make processing more comfortable, faster, cleaner and easier in terms of maintenance operations: machines are designed to allow complete accessibility, safety and intuitive control.

Complete plants for chicken processing

High productivity, low maintenance

Complete plants reaching up to 9000 bph and needing very low maintenance: our great experience and careful design of each single detail are the distinctive features of our chicken processing plants. Safety is ensured by protecting any mobile part and daily cleaning is easier because plants are designed to be completely accessible to operators and need little water.


Other species

Verderio solutions for other species

The poultry sector has always played a major role and has expanded, consolidated, globalised over the years. It is where we started a few decades ago and the sector for which we developed our design and construction principles which nowadays govern design and construction of plants and machines for the processing of other species as well.