By-products evacuation

The last processing phase is the evacuation of by-products originated by slaughtering. Here again Verderio machines guarantee speed, efficiency, safety and cleanliness because they are the fruit of study, development and work over the years close with our customers.

Mixing autoclave with feathers pump

This autoclave is directly connected to the feathers channel running beneath the plucking line.

Liquids and solids conveyed to the autoclave are pushed to the filter separator by the pump.

Walkable overhead tower

Reaching high productivities means having proper equipment allowing to speed up processing operations and lighten the workload: this walkable overhead tower is designed to meet the specific needs of by-products evacuation.

Filter separator

Compact size, high efficiency, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean: this filter separator is designed to optimize and automate the separation of solids and feathers from liquids.

Screw compactor

Safe, efficient and reliable, this screw compactor allows to considerably reduce the volume of feathers originated by processing. Easy-to-use and easy-to-service: this machine, as any other Verderio machine, is designed to facilitate each operation.