Cooling lines are the very last processing phase prior to the cut-up phase. They are efficient, effective, customized to fit any production need and reality.


The easiest system for air cooling and the best suited for low production capacity plants.

Rabbits can be easily and fast hung by their knees.

Multi-shackle chain

The slaughtering cycle ends up with carcass cooling.

The system with dual or quad shackles is extremely efficient and cheap. It is recommended for small-medium size plants.

Single-shackle chain

At the end of the evisceration phase, the most flexible cooling system is the single-shackle tunnel because it guarantees both the best final product and the highest automation degree.

Ultrasonic shackle washer

We developed this alternative wash method approximately 15 years ago following to the customers' growing demand for a higher hygienic/sanitary standard of process shackles.

This system, compared to traditional shackle washers with brushes, guarantees a 100%-clean shackle even in case of unusually-shaped shackles.