Ultrasonic shackle washer

We developed this alternative wash method approximately 15 years ago following to the customers' growing demand for a higher hygienic/sanitary standard of process shackles.

This system, compared to traditional shackle washers with brushes, guarantees a 100%-clean shackle even in case of unusually-shaped shackles.


The ultrasonic shackle washer operating principle is very simple: shackles conveyed by the overhead conveyor are immersed in a water bath and during this phase they are struck by ultrasounds which deeply remove dirt from the whole shackle surface. 

Unlike in the case of traditional shackle washers with brushes, ultrasonic washers can even deeply clean shackles having unusual shapes, because ultrasounds can reach the whole shackle surface and guarantee a 100%-clean shackle surface.


  • Cleans any shackle shape
  • Drastically reduces the bacterial load
  • Considerable water saving
  • High production capacity
  • Deeply cleans shackles in use for years
  • Machine electric control board included