Verderio automatic eviscerator can process various species. It is completely autonomous, efficient and facilitates the necessary veterinary inspection. We highly recommend it as a major resource for an automated line.


Once the bird is properly position on the machine, a special spoon--shaped instrument penetrates the thoracic cavity and automatically removes viscera and giblet.

This "spoon" removes and positions viscera and giblet at the back of the bird, but leaves them still attached to the bird through the trachea, thus greatly facilitating the following veterinary inspection.. 

Organs such as heart, liver and gizzard which have to be furtherly processed and separately sold, can be easily separated from the viscera located at the back of the bird.


  • Productivity up to 9,000 bph
  • No chicken damage
  • Perfect bird positioning for a high yield
  • Fits flock variance thanks to machine self-adjusting
  • New operating units
  • Completely made of stainless steel and synthetic material
  • High safety standard
  • Extremely reliable and sturdy
  • Easy-to adjust, clean and service