Viscera sucking machine

Verderio viscera sucking machine is designed to suck viscera of birds sold as "whole chicken" with liver and gizzard, but it proved to be extremely effective for plants processing also or only hens (both big and small) offering an important series of advantages.


The first advantage offered by this machine is that viscera, developing yolks and liquids of hens are sucked avoiding contaminations on the outside of hens, which would greatly increase the bacterial load and originate serious problems

This machine dramatically improves  the hygienic conditions of the eviscerator in the first place and then of the machines coming next.

The flexibility of this machine allows to process various species on the same line: chickens, hens (both heavy and light hens), guinea fowls and golden regardless of their size.

It has been already installed and tested at a capacity of 225 bpm. It is easy adjustable even in case of flock variance and species variance. It is equipped with a by-pass system and with a PLC to control suction valves to the aim of optimizing yield and avoiding vacuum waste.


  • Productivity up to 9,000 bph
  • Extremely flexible
  • Suitable for chicken, hens, bigger hens, guinea fowls and golden
  • Dramatically improves hens evisceration and hygiene
  • Completely made of stainless steel and synthetic material
  • Vacuum closing device in case of empty shackles
  • High safety standard
  • By-pass device