Plants for quail processing

PLANTS FOR CAPACITIES UP TO 12,000 BPH Verderio plants for quail processing are on the cutting edge of technology and allow to reach high production capacities in a fully automatic manner: all of our equipment is designed and manufactured to be reliable and to require low maintenance. Plants for quail processing have a complete series of work stations to fit any requirement and any automation degree, even in case of large-scale productions.





Verderio solutions allow to automate the whole processing cycle thus limiting human activity to the maximum extent


We can offer complete solutions for any business size and production capacity, even the smallest ones


Wholly automated solutions for plants processing up to 12,000 quails per hour


Compact plants are specifically designed for small production capacities and consist of highly efficient, reliable, versatile and cutting-edge machines. Verderio compact plants are the result of development and research over the years and guarantee excellent hygienic conditions and top-quality products.

All-in-one 200-bph processing plant

Small businesses in emerging markets can benefit from Verderio technology thanks to this small size plant: it is provided with all necessary equipment for an excellent final product. All-in-one 200-bph processing plant.


All-in-one 1000-bph processing plant

Top quality products and excellent hygienic conditions. Compact plants are designed to benefit from Verderio technology even in case of small businesses in emerging markets. The best Verderio technology made compact. All-in-one 1000-bph processing plant.



Verderio standard plants are designed and manufactured for complete lines or to be integrated with existing lines thus increasing the automation degree of production and make operations safer, cleaner, more efficient and more operator-friendly.

Live handling

Crate washer

Today health safety is crucial for processing plants and it is closely connected with crates for animal live handling too.

Therefore, we design and manufacture a series of machines to wash any type of crate for animal live handling and for any production capacity


Manual line

Our manual line for live handling is designed to provide slight support to operators working in the live handling area and it mainly consists of a stainless-steel roller conveyor with rollers made of synthetic material and of a high-pressure cleaner.


Semi-automatic line

This solution, being a semi-automatic system, is ideal for small production capacity plants. This kind of line requires the use of plastics crates stacked on top of each other. The line works both with or without metal pallet.


Depalletizing and palletizing line

This line wholly automatically destacks and stacks back again crates: it is a clear advantage in terms of both productivity and operators' comfort. At the end of operations, crates are ready to be reused.


Line with container system

This is an extremely compact system but, at the same time, it offers the flexibility required to fit to the highest production capacities. The line is completely automatic and customized.


Line with container system for crates

Verderio container system for transport is designed and manufactured to allow a stress-free loading and transport of animals thus optimizing animal welfare and final product quality. This container system can fit to various types of plastics crates.


Stunning, killing, scalding and plucking

Control board for stunning

A system that completely complies with Regulation EC no.1099/2009: complete, easy-to-use, extremely flexible and open to continuous improvement and future development. Data recovery, by operators, is easy and fast too.



A system that completely complies with Regulation EC no.1099/2009: highly-efficient and provided with safety and control systems to guarantee effective and risk-free stunning operations.



The bird final quality starts with this first phase as wrong bleeding has a detrimental effect on animal welfare and meat quality. Verderio killer is provided with two stainless steel tracks guiding necks until carotid arteries have been cut.


Blood trough

After killing, it is necessary to collect blood during the bleeding phase.

The stainless steel trough runs beneath quails to collect their blood which is then pumped outside the room.



An excellent plucking phase depends on proper scalding, which basically means correctly balancing stay time in the water and water temperature to the aim of facilitating operations and guarantee an excellent final product.


Contromatic picker

This picker can remove around 85% of feathers. Effectiveness combined with gentleness: the skin is not damaged and the meat quality is guaranteed. Its use also allows to lower the scalding temperature.


Discomatic picker with 4 banks

Verderio Discomatic picker is installed next to the Contromatic picker to the aim of completing plucking as gently as possible. It is used to remove feathers left in the most critical areas, such as wings and tail.


Head puller

Verderio in-line head puller is effective, operator-friendly, flexible and guarantees the final product top quality because it never damages birds. It is efficient and easy-to-clean: an essential element for any automated line.


Hock cutter

Verderio hock cutter is accurate and efficient. It is designed to automatically and properly position birds whose hocks are then easily and rapidly cut. Each element is carefully studied for the maximum of productivity and the best comfort.


Hock unloader

Verderio hock unloader removes hocks still hanging on the shackles after hock cutting. This operation is completely automatic and no operator is required.


Shackle washer

Two versions are available: traditional wash and ultrasonic wash. Our shackle washers perfectly clean any kind of shackle and even extensively used shackles. Their main characteristics are: high productivity, low water requirement and deep cleaning.




Verderio ventor is designed to accurately process birds, even in case of flock variance. It reduces the risk of contamination to zero and is highly reliable, accurate, easy-to-sanitize, safe and fast.



Verderio eviscerator perfectly eviscerates birds even in case of flock variance. It is automatic, efficient and provided with an automatic system which makes valves open only when the bird is in place thus ensuring an excellent vacuum degree.


Neck cracker

Verderio neck cracker is driven by the overhead conveyor and equipped with working units which break necks at the desired point regardless of flock variances.


Automatic rehanging machine

An effective and automatic solution to transfer birds from the evisceration line to the cooling line. During this phase, hocks are automatically cut. It is an ideal solution for highly automated plants.


Rehanging machine with weighing system

This machine effectively and automatically transfers birds from the evisceration line to the cooling line. During this phase hocks are automatically cut, then birds are individually weighed and unloaded, after the cooling line, by the various unloading stations according to their weight.



Water chiller

At the end of the evisceration line, birds have to be cooled and the cheapest system is the water chiller.

This system uses cold water to rapidly lower bird temperature and it is recommended in case of frozen products.


Single-shackle chain

At the end of the evisceration phase, the most flexible cooling system is the single-shackle tunnel because it guarantees both the best final product and the highest automation degree


Ultrasonic shackle washer

We developed this alternative wash method approximately 15 years ago following to the customers' growing demand for a higher hygienic/sanitary standard of process shackles.

This system, compared to traditional shackle washers with brushes, guarantees a 100%-clean shackle even in case of unusually-shaped shackles.



Manual cut-up machine

The ideal solution for low production capacity and low automation plants: it is versatile and easy-to-use, but guarantees high productivity and fits any cut-up requirement.


Belt conveyor with cones

An automatic solution for an easy, fast, precise and operators' friendly cut-up. Sanitation is comfortably carried out thanks to easy access to the machine.


By-products evacuation

Mixing autoclave with feathers pump

This autoclave is directly connected to the feathers channel running beneath the plucking line.

Liquids and solids conveyed to the autoclave are pushed to the filter separator by the pump.


Mixing autoclave with double feather pump

This autoclave is directly connected to the feathers channel running beneath the plucking line.

Liquids and solids conveyed to the autoclave are pushed to the filter separator by the pumps.


Walkable overhead tower

Reaching high productivities means having proper equipment allowing to speed up processing operations and lighten the workload: this walkable overhead tower is designed to meet the specific needs of by-products evacuation.


Filter separator

Compact size, high efficiency, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean: this filter separator is designed to optimize and automate the separation of solids and feathers from liquids.


Screw compactor

Safe, efficient and reliable, this screw compactor allows to considerably reduce the volume of feathers originated by processing. Easy-to-use and easy-to-service: this machine, as any other Verderio machine, is designed to facilitate each operation.


Plant construction

Overhead conveyor

We designed this special overhead conveyor over 20 years ago to the aim of raising the hygienic standards of processing plants. In fact, this overhead conveyor is entirely made of stainless steel and does not need as much components for installation, thus meaning a shorter installation phase and easier cleaning operations.



Supervision software

Our plant control software is based on a visual logic and the use of 3D graphics makes it absolutely intuitive because it shows each single machine being part of the customers’ plant.


Weighing system

Modern processing lines are ever faster and plants need to be more and more flexible.

Therefore, Verderio developed a special in-line grading system to meet customers' needs. Our systems are completely expandable in time.