Plants for rabbit processing

PLANTS FOR CAPACITIES UP TO 3,500 UPH Verderio plants for rabbit processing are on the cutting edge of technology. The complete series of machines covers the whole processing cycle and allows to automate the heaviest operations.





Verderio solutions allow to automate the whole processing cycle thus limiting human activity to the maximum extent


All of Verderio machines are operator-friendly: they lighten operators' burden and create a clean and safe work environment


We can offer complete solutions for any business size and production capacity, even the smallest ones


Wholly automated solutions for plants processing up to 3500 rabbits per hour


Compact plants are specifically designed for small production capacities and consist of highly efficient, reliable, versatile and cutting-edge machines. Verderio compact plants are the result of development and research over the years and guarantee excellent hygienic conditions and top-quality products.


All-in-one 500-uph processing plant

Compact plants designed for small businesses in emerging markets and allowing to achieve crucial goals: deliver high-quality products and ensure excellent hygienic conditions. The best Verderio technology made compact. All-in-one 500-uph processing plant



Verderio standard plants are designed and manufactured for complete lines or to be integrated with existing lines thus increasing the automation degree of production and make operations safer, cleaner, more efficient and more operator-friendly.


Live handling

Crate washer

Today health safety is crucial for processing plants and it is closely connected with crates for animal live handling too.

Therefore, we design and manufacture a series of machines to wash any type of crate for animal live handling and for any production capacity.


Manual line

Our manual line for live handling is designed to provide slight support to operators working in the live handling area and it mainly consists of a stainless-steel roller conveyor with rollers made of synthetic material and of a high-pressure cleaner.


Semi-automatic line

This solution, being a semi-automatic system, is ideal for small production capacity plants. This kind of line requires the use of plastics crates stacked on top of each other. The line works both with or without metal pallet.


Depalletizing and palletizing line

This line wholly automatically destacks and stacks back again crates: it is a clear advantage in terms of both productivity and operators' comfort. At the end of operations, crates are ready to be reused.


Line with container system for crates

Verderio container system for transport is designed and manufactured to allow a stress-free loading and transport of animals thus optimizing animal welfare and final product quality. This container system can fit to various types of plastics crates.


Stunning and killing

Control board for stunning

A system that completely complies with Regulation EC no.1099/2009: complete, easy-to-use, extremely flexible and open to continuous improvement and future development. Data recovery, by operators, is easy and fast too.



A system that completely complies with Regulation EC no.1099/2009: highly-efficient and provided with safety and control systems to guarantee effective and risk-free stunning operations.


Blood trough

After killing, it is necessary to collect blood during the bleeding phase.

The stainless steel trough runs beneath rabbits to collect their blood which is then pumped outside the room.



Above-shackle hind legs cutter

This machine represents the ideal solution for processing plants needing to cut hind legs above the knee.

It is designed to work on a 90° corner and precisely cuts both hind legs.


Pneumatic forelegs cutter

This machine fits for small-medium processing plants and can process up to 1600 rabbits/hour.

Its self-adjusting system allows to cut forelegs even in case of flock variance.


Forelegs cutter

This machine fits for high production capacities plants of up to 3500 rabbits/hour.

It is provided with several working units which properly position both forelegs for a homogeneous cut.


Leg skin cutter

This new machine cuts the skin of one hind leg only and perfectly fits into plants where rabbits are shackled by one hind leg.


Two-leg skin cutter

This new machine cuts the skin of both hind legs by means of two separate machines thus remarkably improving and facilitating the phasing of pincers with hind legs.


Leg skinner 120

This new machine is installed next to the hind leg skin puller and skins the first rabbit hind leg to facilitate the next stage when operators cut the skin.


Leg skinner 420

This new machine is installed next to the operators cutting the skin and it skins the second rabbit hind leg; thanks to its increased stroke, it lowers the skin thus preparing rabbits for the next machine processing.


Two-leg skinner

This new machine consists of two separate bodies enclosed in the same frame. Each machine body skins one of the two rabbit hind legs.

Skinning is excellently carried out and no damage is caused to the meat or the skin itself.


Hock unloader

This machine unshackles one of the two rabbit hocks to facilitate the job of operators cutting rabbit skin.

Therefore, this machine allows to speed up operators' work and lighten their workload.


Skinning machine

This machine automatically skins rabbits. Operators prepare rabbits first by cutting their skin, thus allowing the machine to work automatically.


Lower skinning machine

This machine, combined with the previous skinning machine, carries out complete skinning in case of bigger rabbits such as breeding rabbits.

Therefore, the skinning phase is completely automatic regardless of rabbit size.



Rabbit shower

This machine, located before the evisceration phase, rinses the whole rabbit surface by means of a water spray.


Abdomen opener

This machine automatically opens rabbit abdomens and ensures uniform cuts even in case of flock variances. Furthermore, the rabbit positioning system guarantees that both viscera and bladder are not damaged.


Hind legs cutter

This machine allows to carry out a uniform and extremely precise cut of hind legs.

Furthermore, this machine is provided with a simple and efficient hock unshackling system which conveys them to a specific trough.


Low-contact belt conveyor

This new belt conveyor is designed to reduce as much as possible the contact surfaces between the belt and the products to be conveyed thus preventing products from getting soiled.

The belt conveyor is manufactured in different sizes and is specifically indicated for slaughtered meat.


Shackle washer

Two versions are available: traditional wash and ultrasonic wash. Our shackle washers perfectly clean any kind of shackle and even extensively used shackles. Their main characteristics are: high productivity, low water requirement and deep cleaning.




The easiest system for air cooling and the best suited for low production capacity plants.

Rabbits can be easily and fast hung by their knees.


Multi-shackle chain

The slaughtering cycle ends up with carcass cooling.

The system with dual or quad shackles is extremely efficient and cheap. It is recommended for small-medium size plants.


Single-shackle chain

At the end of the evisceration phase, the most flexible cooling system is the single-shackle tunnel because it guarantees both the best final product and the highest automation degree.


Ultrasonic shackle washer

We developed this alternative wash method approximately 15 years ago following to the customers' growing demand for a higher hygienic/sanitary standard of process shackles.

This system, compared to traditional shackle washers with brushes, guarantees a 100%-clean shackle even in case of unusually-shaped shackles.



Manual cut-up machine

The ideal solution for low production capacity and low automation plants: it is versatile and easy-to-use, but guarantees high productivity and fits any cut-up requirement.


Rotary cut-up machine

The ideal and automatic solution for an easy and fast cut-up.

It is designed to carry out any kind of cut-up and can be updated in time by adding new types of cut-up.


Automatic cut-up line

The best ever cut-up solution: high-performance and versatile line allowing to carry out any type of cut-up.

This machine is shaped according to the specific customers' requirements.


By-products evacuation

Walkable overhead tower

Reaching high productivities means having proper equipment allowing to speed up processing operations and lighten the workload: this walkable overhead tower is designed to meet the specific needs of by-products evacuation.


By-products evacuation

This modular system allows to automatically evacuate all by-products resulting from processing.

The installation of this system immediately raises the hygienic/sanitary standards of the processing plant.


Plant construction

Overhead conveyor

We designed this special overhead conveyor over 20 years ago to the aim of raising the hygienic standards of processing plants. In fact, this overhead conveyor is entirely made of stainless steel and does not need as much components for installation, thus meaning a shorter installation phase and easier cleaning operations.



Supervision software

Our plant control software is based on a visual logic and the use of 3D graphics makes it absolutely intuitive because it shows each single machine being part of the customers’ plant.


Weighing software

Modern processing lines are ever faster and plants need to be more and more flexible.

Therefore, Verderio developed a special in-line grading system to meet customers' needs. Our systems are completely expandable in time.