Single-shackle chain

At the end of the evisceration phase, the most flexible cooling system is the single-shackle tunnel as it guarantees the best final product as well as the maximum automation degree.


This is the ideal system for medium/large size plants because it allows to highly automate the process. Basically, this means installing rehanging systems which automatically transfer birds from the evisceration line to the cooling line, thus avoiding manual handling of birds

Bird carcasses are cooled in an excellent manner because cold air blows on the whole bird surface and homogeneously cools it. Furthermore, there is no risk of contamination which is common with water cooling systems. This system also slightly "dries" birds for longer shelf life.

Furthermore, birds unshackling can be automatically carried out provided that another rehanging system with weighing function is installed.


  • Highest flexibility
  • Excellent cooling
  • Excellent product shelf life
  • Highest automation possible