Belt conveyor with cones

An automatic solution for an easy, fast, precise and operators' friendly cut-up. Sanitation is comfortably carried out thanks to easy access to the machine.


Multiple sizes available for an easy and fast cut-up. The height of operators' footboards is adjustable and the machine is equipped with rotating cones. Poussins are manually loaded, whereas carcasses are automatically unloaded.

It is provided with a belt conveyor for portioned parts. Access inside the machine is provided by hinged doors which are easily sanitizable as well as the whole machine. This machine is made of stainless steel to ensure a high hygiene standard and a long-lasting life.


  • Multiple versions available for an easy and fast cut-up
  • Footboard height adjustment to fit each single operator
  • Rotating cones
  • Various sizes available to fit various processes and different hour production capacities
  • Poussins are manually loaded and carcasses are automatically unloaded
  • Each operator stands on an adjustable footboard in order to guarantee the best work conditions
  • Belt conveyor for portioned parts
  • Access inside the machine through hinged doors that can be easily washed: once opened, the inside of the doors remains turned outwards
  • Design focused on sanitation issues to ensure easy and fast cleaning operations
  • Wholly-stainless steel made to guarantee hygiene and long-lasting life