Final inspection machine

Verderio final inspection machine is designed to meet the increasingly higher quality standards of the final product. Through suction, it removes the residues left after evisceration. It complies with the strictest sanitary regulations.


The final inspection machine is provided with working units accurately operating inside birds, but never damage them. The upper wheel and the vacuum chamber optimize the suction time of each single bird regardless of production capacity.

The very last version of this machine repeats the vertical movement of the suction pipe during the suction phase itself, thus optimizing yield and eliminating residues inside the thoracic cavity.


  • Productivity up to 6,000 bph
  • Highly-performing machine thanks to bird positioning
  • No machine adjusting even in case of flock variance
  • New vacuum closing system in case of empty shackles
  • Completely made of stainless steel and techno-polymers
  • High safety standard
  • Extremely-low maintenance costs