Neck cracker

Verderio neck cracker is driven by the overhead conveyor and equipped with working units which break necks at the desired point regardless of flock variances.


Once birds are properly positioned by working units, their device closes up and crack the neck, then lowers and a circular saw blade, adjustable in height, homogeneously cuts the neck skin thanks to a suspension fork. 

At this point, the excess of neck and skin drops onto the collecting disk which rotates along with the machine. Once at the rear, a spatula conveys them to the machine-integrated trough from which they are subsequently suck.


  • High productivity up to 6,000 bph
  • Neck removal and no skin damaging
  • Fits flock variance, no need to adjust the machine
  • Incorporated blade to cut neck skin
  • Regular skin cut regardless of flock variance
  • Wholly stainless steel and techno-polymers made
  • Frame-incorporated neck trough and vacuum connection