Rehanging machine with weighing system

This machine effectively and automatically transfers birds from the evisceration line to the cooling line. During this phase hocks are automatically cut, then birds are individually weighed and unloaded, after the cooling line, by the various unloading stations according to their weight.


This machine mechanically unshackles birds from the evisceration line and transfers them to intermediate units which determine their weight. Weigh data are stored in a PC for further analysis while birds are automatically unshackled in the packaging area located next to the cooling line. This machine offers the possibility to analyse weight data of each single bird while it still is inside the cooling tunnel.

The machine subsequently transfers birds to the cooling line shackles. All above-mentioned operations are totally automatic: no operator is required. The speed synchronization of the two chains is carried out by means of a PLC which controls the machine-mounted sensors and precisely adjusts speeds.


  • Productivity up to 12,000 bph
  • No operators needed
  • Fit for any processing line
  • Integrated weigh system
  • Control system by means of PLC and PC supervision system
  • Accurate check of chain speed