Verderio ventor is designed to accurately process birds, even in case of flock variance. It reduces the risk of contamination to zero and is highly reliable, accurate, easy-to-sanitize, safe and fast.


Verderio ventor performs a regular cut even in case of flock variance thanks to bird positioning which is designed to automatically compensate for weight variance: vents are always correctly located for a proper cut. A centering device lowers to penetrate the vent while the blade rotates and lowers to cut all around the vent.

This system cancels the risk of bird contamination due to faeces overflow upon vent cutting. Verderio ventor is completely mechanical, thus ensuring high reliability.


  • Productivity up to 6,000 bph
  • Regular cut in case of flock variance
  • Just vent cutting performed
  • Operators’ high safety standard
  • Highly reliable
  • High hygiene standard
  • Easy cleaning
  • Total reduction of hardly-washable surfaces