Depalletizing and palletizing line

This line wholly automatically destacks and stacks back again crates: it is a clear advantage in terms of both productivity and operators' comfort. At the end of operations, crates are ready to be reused.


Crates reach the plant stacked onto metal pallets which can carry one or even two stacks of crates. By means of a forklift truck, an operator loads the pallet-stacked crates onto the loading conveyor belt. From here onwards the process is completely automatic.

The conveyor belt moves the pallet-stacked crates as far as the depalletizing station, which destacks one level of crates at a time. Crates move towards the shackling area and, once emptied, move towards the crate washer first and then towards the stacking station which stacks crates back again onto the metal pallet. Once done, everything is moved to the discharge conveyor belt from which an operator, by means of a forklift truck, removes crates stacked onto metal pallets.