Overhead conveyor

We designed this special overhead conveyor over 20 years ago to the aim of raising the hygienic standards of processing plants. In fact, this overhead conveyor is entirely made of stainless steel and does not need as much components for installation, thus meaning a shorter installation phase and easier cleaning operations.


We designed our new special track over 20 years ago following to the customers' ever increasing demand for a conveying system wholly made of stainless steel and characterized by a high sanitation degree.

Based on our engineers' research and development, we launched on the market this new "TEE"-shaped track combined with new corners with guards, tensioners, drives, etc. We switched to a wholly-stainless steel system and to remarkably higher hygienic standards. This is the result of a greater stiffness of the new "TEE"-shaped track which allows to reduce suspension points as well as to directly fasten corners to the track itself without suspensions.

The result is a shorter installation phase as well as a more spacious, more hygienic and brighter work environment. The whole track length is regularly perforated to allow for suspension fastening practically anywhere, thus facilitating the layout of beams. Furthermore, thanks to this drilling system, it is possible to fix shackle guiding tracks and, above all, pull rope emergency stop switches anywhere along the track without being obliged to modify the overhead conveyor. This system can be combined with the old “TEE”-shaped track so it can be installed in any plant.


  • Wholly-stainless steel made
  • Higher hygienic standards
  • Stiffer track
  • Lesser suspension points
  • Corners fastened to the track
  • Easy installation
  • Fast installation