Mixing autoclave with feathers pump

This autoclave is directly connected to the feathers channel running beneath the plucking line.

Liquids and solids conveyed to the autoclave are pushed to the filter separator by the pump.


This system allows to homogeneously mix solids and liquids thus benefiting the whole system.

In fact, the filter separator located next to this machine works excellently only if solids are perfectly mixed with liquids.

This system can be easily installed and serviced because the installation of an autoclave does not require building works and maintenance operations are carried out fast and in a clean work environment as this isn't a submersible pump


  • Homogenizes the density of feathers conveyed by water
  • Regularises the water flow rate in the return channel
  • Facilitates the pump work avoiding overloads
  • Easy installation to eliminate building works
  • Extremely reduced maintenance