Contromatic picker

This picker can remove around 85% of feathers. Effectiveness combined with gentleness: the skin is not damaged and the meat quality is guaranteed. Its use also allows to lower the scalding temperature.


Verderio Contromatic picker consists of single units driving the finger-holding disks. This system allows to manufacture longer machines, to vary the rotational speed of the finger-holding disks all down the machine length and to accurately adjust them through simple levers. Fast adjustments make the machine promptly ready for processing in case of flock variance.


This machine offers excellent plucking results as well as important advantages in terms of cleaning and maintenance because one of its sides can be rapidly opened. Another advantage is its absolute reliability as, in case of failure of one plucking unit, the non-working section of the machine just corresponds to a small sector while the rest of the machine keeps on working.


Furthermore, the machine offers the possibility to install finger-holding disks having different diameters, to diversify the number of turns upwards compared to turns downwards and to vary speed. Further advantages are: easy wash, simple finger replacement, ordinary maintenance-free, no non-working banks, fast and easy replacement of modules, extremely-low running costs, excellent accessibility for easy cleaning and safe finger replacement, elimination of all flat surfaces to facilitate washing and eliminate deposits, effective containment of feathers to shorten wash time, adjustments on one side, both at the machine entry and exit, hydraulic actuators and metric rods for easy, safe and fast adjustment. The electric control board offers the possibility to program recipes having predefined speeds according to the birds to be processed thus facilitating the work load of operators in charge of the machine.


  • Bird injury reduction
  • Excellent picking yield
  • Ordinary maintenance-free
  • Extremely easy and functional mechanical and electrical adjusting
  • Total reliability
  • Easy wash
  • Very low noise
  • Track, feather conveyors, shackle guiding tracks and water pipe included