Discomatic picker with 4 banks

Verderio Discomatic picker is installed next to the Contromatic picker to the aim of completing plucking as gently as possible. It is used to remove feathers left in the most critical areas, such as wings and tail.


The use of round and shorter rubber fingers, compared to the ones used for the Contromatic picker, allows to precisely follow the anatomical profile of the bird to be plucked, thus resulting in a more accurate plucking. Special building solutions allow to reduce noise originated by the machine.


Three versions are available, based on its length, to meet any production capacity. The machine consists of four banks and each one is individually and independently adjustable in the horizontal, vertical and axial direction. This machine offers excellent plucking results as well as important advantages in terms of cleaning and maintenance because one side of the machine (two banks) can be rapidly opened. This machine is completely made of stainless steel, complies with current regulations and is designed to reach the highest hygiene standards.


Access to the inside of the machine is fast and safe thanks to its special frame. Our designers eliminated all flat surfaces to facilitate cleaning and eliminate deposits. Guards are designed to eliminate the possibility of material deposits or of feathers escaping from the top. Shackle and chain cleanliness is guaranteed. A series of technical solutions allows to raise hygienic standards, shorten wash time and save water.


  • Excellent picking yield
  • Ordinary maintenance-free
  • Easy single bank adjustment
  • Excellent reliability
  • Very low noise
  • Track, feather conveyors, shackle guiding tracks and water pipe included
  • Reduced wash time due to feathers gathering, easy access and simple design