Hock cutter

Verderio hock cutter is accurate and efficient. It is designed to automatically and properly position birds whose hocks are then easily and rapidly cut. Each element is carefully studied for the maximum of productivity and the best comfort.


Verderio hock cutter separates hocks from birds. It works on a 180° corner which allows to properly position birds before cutting their hocks. Birds move through this machine at the end of the processing cycle while they are still shackled to the plucking line. 


Once in the machine, a disk properly positions hocks to prepare them for the cut. The cutting blade is installed on a mobile device which can be adjusted by operators to find the best cut position.


  • Productivity up to 6,000 bph
  • Rapid and precise cut adjustment
  • Suitable for any bird
  • Highly reliable and sturdy
  • High safety standard: movable door sensors and self-braking engine
  • Completely made of stainless steel and techno-polymers
  • Extremely-low maintenance costs