Hock unloader

Verderio hock unloader removes hocks still hanging on the shackles after hock cutting. This operation is completely automatic and no operator is required.


Shackles, still holding hocks, move inside the machine and, once in contact with the support disk, they are immobilized by a belt which is tightened by springs.

Shackles are conveyed towards two tilted stainless steel guiding tracks which raise hocks at both sides of the shackle and completely remove them. At this point the shackle is released from the belt and moves on.


  • Productivity up to 6,000 bph
  • Works in line and not on a 180° corner
  • Fit for any bird
  • Highly reliable and sturdy
  • Stainless steel and techno-polymers
  • Very-low maintenance costs