An excellent plucking phase depends on proper scalding, which basically means correctly balancing stay time in the water and water temperature to the aim of facilitating operations and guarantee an excellent final product.


Birds bathe into hot water but, for an excellent plucking, we installed air diffusers on the scalder bottom in order to stir feathers and improve contact with water. We managed to shorten stay time in the scalder, to improve yield and to increase the quality of plucking because feathers are easily removed.


Verderio scalders are modular, customized machines and are equipped with an automatic temperature control system which maintains the set temperature with a maximum tolerance of a tenth of degree. It is possible to preprogram the scalder weekly schedule of fill and preheating by means of a single control software.


  • Scalder sections with 2 or 3 lanes to suit capacities up to 12,000 bph and optimize available spaces
  • Scalding tunnel with water separation to reduce the product bacterial charge
  • Energy saving due to reduced lanes and optimized efficiency of the plate-type heat exchangers
  • Air-generated ascending and descending streams of water facilitate scalding
  • Hinged side doors and inner essential components facilitate washing
  • Provided with electric board for temperature control, water topping up and processing time set to start the pumps and the heating system
  • Water topping up all along the scalder
  • Track included