A system that completely complies with Regulation EC no.1099/2009: highly-efficient and provided with safety and control systems to guarantee effective and risk-free stunning operations.


Verderio stunner complies with Regulation EC no. 1099/2009. The stainless steel structure consists of overhead conveyor, stunning bath and stunning electrodes. The water bath height can be rapidly adjusted by means of a hydraulic device to fit various bird sizes. The water level is automatically controlled and the frame is provided with guards giving access, over its entire length, to the inside of the water bath to the aim of reaching birds in case of line failure. Guards cannot be removed and are equipped with safety systems which cannot be eluded. All guards are provided with coded sensors to disconnect power supply in case of emergency. The safety module task is evaluate, control and monitor the sensor line, carry out internal monitoring and monitoring actuators within the disconnection circuit.

When the machine is stopped, the guard opening allows to access the inside of the stunning water bath for an easy and proper sanitation of all its parts and to easily carry out the prescribed operations on birds along the stunning line. The water bath height is limited to the minimum to allow the possibility of reaching the birds. Stunning electrodes guarantee a constant power supply.


The system is provided with a counting device which offers to the PLC the possibility to estimate the exact number of birds bathing in the stunning bath, thus allowing it to automatically adjust the total current required to guarantee that the average value of current applied to each bird corresponds to the recipe preset value.


  • Complying with Regulation EC 1099/2009
  • Unique of its kind with stainless steel guards and mounted-safety sensors; once doors are completely opened, the water bath is totally, easily and safely accessible in case of processing line stop
  • Inner electrode consisting of a mesh covering the whole water bath surface to get a homogeneous current delivery throughout the mass of water
  • Moplen bath-tub with water load box including float and solenoid valve
  • Water does not overflow over the entry and exit ramps which are consequently electrically isolated
  • Hydraulic vertical regulation allowing a comfortable access to birds in case of processing line stop
  • Track with vertical corners included to facilitate the entry and the exit of birds
  • Pneumatically-controlled water discharge by means of a hydraulic power unit
  • Stainless steel and synthetic material