Rotary cut-up machine

The ideal and automatic solution for an easy and fast cut-up.

It is designed to carry out any kind of cut-up and can be updated in time by adding new types of cut-up.


This machine is designed to be always up to date. Its cut-up module can be removed and replaced within 5 minutes.

Therefore, the machine can fit any present or future cut-up requirement.

Basically, it is a cold clean cut which never cracks bones and does not originates cutting scraps.


  • New blade profile and stainless steel plate for an excellent cut
  • New blade set for saddle pre-cutting (does not totally cut the saddle)
  • One plate for various types of cut-up by simply and quickly replacing the blade set
  • User-friendliness for a production capacity of up to 750 heads/hour regardless of cut-up type
  • High safety standard enhancing productivity, washing operations and blade set replacement
  • Movable guards equipped with safety sensors
  • PLC-controlled cycle and on-screen diagnostic
  • Low running costs
  • Stainless steel and synthetic material