Line with container system for crates

Verderio container system for transport is designed and manufactured to allow a stress-free loading and transport of animals thus optimizing animal welfare and final product quality. This container system can fit to various types of plastics crates.


The wholly-automatic handling line for containers is shaped according to available areas and customers' needs. By means of a forklift truck, an operator loads the containers onto the loading conveyor belt. Containers are then moved to the emptying station where crates are removed from metal containers, one level at a time, and then move to the weighing station where they are weighed one by one.


Crates are then moved to the shackling area. Once emptied, crates are submerged into a water bath to soften dirt, then washed by the crate washer and, at the end, put back in place into metal containers which, in the meantime, are washed by another station. Once filled, sanitized containers stop onto a storage roller conveyor belt waiting to be removed from the line by an operator.