Semi-automatic line

This solution, being a semi-automatic system, is ideal for small production capacity plants. This kind of line requires the use of plastics crates stacked on top of each other. The line works both with or without metal pallet.


A stack of crates is loaded onto the lift which aligns the crate on top with the roller conveyor. An operator slides the crate on the roller conveyor while the lift automatically aligns the following crate on top with the roller conveyor and so on. Operators' job is, therefore, safer and lighter because they do not have to lift crates, one by one, anymore.


Crates running on the roller conveyor reach the shackling area where operators empty the crates that then move towards an automatic crate washer. At the exit of the crate washer, another operator stacks washed crates to be reused for animal transport. This type of plant allows one single operator to destack and stack back again up to 130 crates/hour.