Forelegs cutter

This machine fits for high production capacities plants of up to 3500 rabbits/hour.

It is provided with several working units which properly position both forelegs for a homogeneous cut.


This new special machine homogeneously and precisely cuts forelegs of various size of rabbits. It is driven by the overhead conveyor and, unlike the pneumatic version, it hasn't got production capacity limits. Each single working unit correctly positions a rabbit for its forelegs cut and simultaneously compensates for any length differences. It is extremely versatile and long-lasting thanks to its simple construction, its functionality and low maintenance. The use of stainless steel and thermoplastic material makes it sturdy and allows to wash it fast and effectively. We underline its absolute compliance with current regulations on safety.


  • Fit for production capacities of over 3,500 heads/hour
  • Excellent cut thanks to appropriate positioning of forelegs inside the machine operating units
  • High safety standard and excellent accessibility for washing and corrective maintenance operations
  • Movable guards equipped with safety sensors
  • Pull rope emergency stop switches placed within guards and along the unguarded perimeter
  • Overhead conveyor driven
  • Hydraulic vertical adjustment
  • Torque arm
  • Low running costs
  • Stainless steel and synthetic material