Hock unloader

This machine unshackles one of the two rabbit hocks to facilitate the job of operators cutting rabbit skin.

Therefore, this machine allows to speed up operators' work and lighten their workload.


This machine is designed to the aim of facilitating the job of operators cutting the leg skin. It unloads one of the two rabbit hocks from the slaughter shackle.

This machine fits to any hour production capacity and is installed in plants where rabbits are shackled by both legs. it is installed beyond the forelegs cutter and prepares rabbits for the following operation which is carried out with rabbits shackled by just one hock.
This machine mechanically unshackles one of the two rabbit hocks, thus facilitating and speeding up operators' work and lightening their workload as they are only required to cut the skin.


  • Gradually unshackles just one of the two rabbit hocks
  • Never damages the leg even in case of high productivity plants
  • High safety standard and excellent accessibility for washing and corrective maintenance operations
  • Movable guards equipped with safety sensors
  • Pull rope emergency stop switches placed within guards and along the unguarded perimeter
  • Overhead conveyor driven
  • Torque arm
  • High production capacity
  • Running cost-free
  • Stainless steel and synthetic material