Two-leg skinner

This new machine consists of two separate bodies enclosed in the same frame. Each machine body skins one of the two rabbit hind legs.

Skinning is excellently carried out and no damage is caused to the meat or the skin itself.


This new machine is an evolution of the previous version which was launched on the market more than 10 years ago.

This machine skins both rabbit hind legs without tearing the meat or the skin, which would leave residues on the legs themselves. It does not require any adjustment, even in case of flock variances and skinning is always excellent.

It is provided with several working units that are sanitized after skinning each single hind leg.

The advantage of this new machine is its double body: basically, this means there are two separate machines housed in the same frame and each one skins just one rabbit hind leg.

This new machine wholly complies with the current European regulations, is provided with guards for the protection of operators and with pull rope emergency stop switches located on the inner side and at the rear of the machine, which is extremely important for the protection of operators during adjusting operations, which are carried out while the machine is working.

Design focused on sanitation to make cleaning operations as simple and fast as possible thanks to easy and total access to the machine, thus considerably raising hygiene standards

The machine internal parts are easily accessible, so deep and fast cleaning is always possible.

This new machine is completely made of stainless steel and thermoplastic material, thus ensuring the highest hygiene standard and longest life.


  • This new leg skinner skins both hind legs by means of two separate machines thus remarkably improving and facilitating the phasing of pincers with hind legs
  • Enhanced functionality and reliability thanks to new pincers
  • No skin damage and no muscle tear
  • High safety standard and excellent accessibility for washing and corrective maintenance operations
  • Movable guards equipped with safety sensors
  • Pull rope emergency stop switches placed within guards and along the perimeter without guards
  • Overhead conveyor driven
  • Mechanical vertical adjustment
  • Torque arm
  • High production capacity
  • Low running costs
  • Stainless steel and synthetic material made