Supervision software

Our plant control software is based on a visual logic and the use of 3D graphics makes it absolutely intuitive because it shows each single machine being part of the customers’ plant.


Our supervision software is efficient, reliable, simple and, above all, customizable. It allows to control the processing plant in real time from a PC interfaced with a PLC which, in its turn, is networked with all plant devices. The PC database stores alarms, production data, temperatures, working times. Data are later analysed and displayed both as a graph or as a table. 

This system offers the possibility to interface or control any plant equipment and to modify all operating parameters. Access to the system is through user name/password and is limited to the competence area. Alarm display is in real time and alarms can even be transmitted via SMS. Software functions can be used both by PC master and by any other PC with optional licences. 

A specific module allows to control the plant and the alarms by means of a mobile device. A preventive maintenance package as well as a specific software, to control the weighing and grading systems, can be integrated.


  • Completely customized
  • 3D graphic display of machines for rapid understanding
  • Multi-level user management
  • Database SQL
  • Alarm management
  • Optional modules for:
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Complete grading system analysis