A system that completely complies with Regulation EC no.1099/2009: highly-efficient and provided with safety and control systems to guarantee effective and risk-free stunning operations.


Verderio stunner is ergonomically designed for the benefit both of animals and operators, thus ensuring an higher stunning standard.

The stunner head is equipped with a red warning light indicating wrong stunning and with a green warning light indicating the presence of voltage at the stunning electrodes, thus allowing operators to take appropriate precautionary measures when the green light signals the presence of voltage.


  • Complying with Regulation EC 1099/2009
  • Stainless steel and synthetic material
  • Fits various crate handling systems thanks to stunning surface height adjustment, relieves operators’ fatigue and boosts productivity
  • Excellent stunning thanks to electrode-vs-stunning surface adjustment allowing the best, easiest and fastest positioning of the rabbit head against the contact point
  • Stunning head with green led indicator for correct stunning and red led indicator for stunning to be repeated
  • Easily-replaceable electrodes
  • Platform providing excellent stunner stability and the possibility to move it as needed
  • Extremely sturdy and easily sanitizable